Hello! I am Lexi Earl. Writer, reader, baker.

Lexi 2017

I am a writer, a former pastry chef, and a dabbling gardener. I used to be a researcher, but at the moment I work in science communication, and media for a research group. I am mostly interested in how food allows us to tell the stories of our lives, and that is what I am exploring on this site.

I write about a range of things here. I am interested in a range of things, including community gardens and growing your own, food festivals, travelling, recovering from the PhD, anxiety and depression, cake, the food stories of my family, swimming, and knitting.

My writing has appeared in: Comestible, Gastronomica, and the LSE Review of Books as well as in academic journal spaces. I contributed to On Relationships, published by 3 of Cups Press. I have written for the Outdoor Swimming Society.

I am the author of Schools and Food Education in the 21st Century, published by Routledge.

I am a writer for hire. If there is something you want to collaborate on, please get in touch!

I take all the photographs featured on the site and write all the content. All photographs are copyrighted. Please do not use them without explicit permission.

Feel free to ask questions via the comments box or email me (lexiearl [at] yahoo [dot] co [dot] uk) or follow me on Instagram.



  1. hello dearest daughter.
    I have retrieved the banana loaf recipe from your blog, and am about to bake for the open garden day for Jo. I hope it all turns out well. Your mother

  2. Hi Lexi

    Your mama forwarded me the link to your blog today and just to say Mazel Tov on your research so far – the end is really in sight. I have administered 5 DBA examinations in the last 18 months and know that a completing student should pray for a ‘mean’ supervisor. Reading between the lines she’s preparing you well for your examination. I also know that typical timelines for completion of Masters and Doctorate are 7 years so you have really done well to get this research done so efficiently. Oh yes – the supervision process is often the make-or-break of research so you are very lucky to have clicked with your supervisor. Foucault? Eish!

    All the best for the final stages of this journey.


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