Life Lists

The 2019 List

Buy a house.

Write the second book. Wait until that is finished before contemplating any more book proposals.

Learn to live in the here and now, and quit worrying about the future. Keep repeating: what if this is enough?

Swim through the winter, preferably outside.

Run 5km.

Create photo albums from the last few years.

Read for pleasure.

Take time out from work.

Wake up earlier a few mornings a week.

The 2017/18 List

Take a yoga class. Survive it. Then go back to doing yoga regularly.

Run 5km

Swim in open water. If possible, swim outside all year round. If not, just lane swim a few times a week. Book to swim the Swoosh.

Learn to make a loaf of sourdough. Do this every week. Write about it, even when unsuccessful. Call this 52 weeks of sourdough. Create a hashtag on Instagram for this part of the project. #52weeksofsourdough

Knit a cardigan. (Possibly this one).

Finish the current book and submit the manuscript. Contemplate writing another book proposal. Think about writing a cookbook.

Submit another journal article. Possibly two. Push out the boat and write a third.

Establish the allotment! Put in raised beds. Grow things.

Keep an allotment diary. Take photos of the progress and print them. Or use the instant camera.

Investigate beekeeping!

Have people over for dinner. Try and do this once a month.

Get really good at ice-cream making. Try unusual flavour combinations. Use the herbs you’re growing on the allotment to experiment.

Finally, take some courses for fun. Spend time doing things you enjoy.

The 2016 List

Write a book proposal (Done. Busy writing the book.)

Write at least 2 articles for publication (In progress. One accepted for publication).

Continue to improve Spanish. Practice! (Gah. Try to keep doing this.)

Have people over for dinner.

The 2015 List

Survive my viva (done! Am now officially a Doctor. see here.)

Learn Spanish (underway. Slowly.)

Make chocolate krantz cake from Jerusalem (done! see here)

Finish The Third Plate

Write an article for publication

Make a birthday funfetti cake (work in progress!)

Use my recipe books more for everyday eating

Read newspapers that are not The Guardian (so I can widen my news sources) (in progress! see the weekly Tuesday reading list.)

Have people over for dinner (getting better at this!)

Make this (possibly for said friends above)

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