The first foray into actual cooking

This morning I made my first attempts at actual cooking in this new kitchen. For the last week I’ve been eating things that could be cooked in the oven (but required no actual preparation from me) and things that could be microwaved. I know. I feel like a traitor to the cause. But this morning I felt like eggs. And toast. And then I found some potatoes that I’d saved from a previous meal and some tomatoes that were languishing in the bottom of the fridge and it became obvious that scrambled eggs with these random fillings were in order. In the real world I’d have made a frittata but that requires an oven that can fit a large pan and my oven can barely fit a mouse (not that I’m cooking any of those). So this messy business is what I settled for. And it was surprisingly good too. Especially considering it took all of 3 minutes (once the plate had heated up – honestly, I don’t understand this cooking without gas thing. It’s beyond me.) It doesn’t really look like much that’s appetizing. If I’d been concentrating I would have taken the potatoes and tomatoes out whilst I did the eggs and then added them back in at the last minute along with some feta. I wasn’t concentrating so I ended up with a yummy mess. There are worse things I suppose.