How much do you love poached eggs? I love them most because I find the proper poaching of an egg to be beyond my skill level and patience. Finding a proper poached egg is rather challenging though and it’s even more challenging finding a poached egg enrobed in a good hollandaise. However I succeeded in finding both last week on my trip up North to the lovely Edinburgh. I had a few places and items on my list that were must do’s but a trip to Urban Angel was definitely at the top. And I’m glad to say they did not disappoint.

You can choose the accompaniments to eggs Benedict at Urban Angel, and you don’t have to have it with the traditional ham. I had mine with crispy bacon. And a side order of roasted tomatoes so that I could pretend I was being healthy. So winning. The whole thing would have made a nutritionist have a heart attack but it was so good I can’t help but think it should be included as part of a balanced diet at least once a month. I now have the incredibly difficult task of finding something similar to satisfy cravings here. Or alternatively making frequent trips to Edinburgh when the craving becomes overpowering.