So last week I went on a trip up North to the mighty city of Edinburgh and some of its rural towns. I was there for a wedding but spent a few days getting reacquainted with one of my favourite places. I’ve already told you about the fantastic breakfast I had at Urban Angel. I didn’t mention it but I went back for the exact same thing again the day after. It was that good.

I also had to stop by Peter’s Yard at the Quartermile and have coffee with a cardamon bun. It’s the classy version of my usual choice – the cinnamon bun – and is every bit as good. The perfect elevenses choice. (My sister would be so proud of my embracing hobbit like eating habits.)


More coffee is to be found at Artisan Roast on Broughton St. Superb flat white makers and general coffee loveliness in the tiniest of spaces. Finding good coffee in Scotland is something of a trial – people here seem to think milky, watery coffee tasting mulch is good and I mostly just avoid the stuff but I will go back to Artisan Roast again (and again and again) because the coffee is fantastic. The tiny shop is warm and welcoming too and makes for a good escape from the ever present Scottish rain.


I also sampled the latest cupcake bakery to hit Edinburgh. Bibi’s comes originally from St Andrew’s where it has a cult like following. It’s store, on Hanover St, is all pink happiness and there are a number of different flavours on offer every day. I selected red velvet. It was good but not bowl-me-over amazing. The sponge was a little dry for my taste but the icing was nice. Other flavours we sampled included mocha, peanut butter, oreo cookie and vanilla.


Last on my list of things to eat was haggis. I know I know. Many of you have run away from the computer in disgust already. But, I confess, I actually like haggis. Its spicy, meaty goodness is the perfect feel good food against the cold. I had mine in a pub which is possibly the best place to eat such fare, with a large cider to wash it all down.