Roast Lamb Tomato Pasta Sauce

This is a recipe for using up roast lamb that you may have leftover from Sunday lunch. It’s a super easy pasta sauce recipe that you can leave alone to do it’s thing of developing flavours and thickening. The idea for the recipe originally came from Ottolenghi’s Plenty book but it’s been adapted and changed a lot since then. I don’t have any written amounts because it’s the kind of recipe that you can throw loads of things into. So, the last time I made it, this is what I did.

Cut an aubergine into pieces and fry in oil until golden brown and very soft. You’ll need quite a lot of oil. Whilst the aubergine is frying, slice your leftover lamb into reasonable size pieces, slightly bigger than bite-size. Remove the aubergine from the pan.

Fry a shallot or two and some garlic until translucent. Add in the lamb and fry slightly.

Add back the aubergine then add in a punnet of cherry tomatoes, sliced in half and a tin of tomatoes. Fill this tin up with water and add it to the pan. Now, bring to the boil and then reduce the heat. Simmer slowly for 2 hours until the sauce is thick. You may need to add sugar/salt/pepper according to your taste. Serve with pasta or sweetcorn polenta.