Roof top Farms

As part of the conference I got to do a tour of rooftop farms in the greater NYC area. The first we went to was Brooklyn Grange, based on a rooftop in Queens. It’s an impressive farm, growing a variety of herbs and vegetables. It was over 100F the day we went and I was (and still am) truly surprised that they were managing to grow anything in that heat and sunshine. And, more importantly, all the people who were working in the heat and sunshine! I am in awe. They do have an awesome view of Manhattan but my favourite feature were the chickens! You can read more about their work here.

The second farm we visited was Eagle Street in Brooklyn. This is a smaller farm but they have rabbits and bees! And an even better view of Manhattan. You can read about their work here. Both farms were truly inspirational examples of people growing things in obscure spaces. And they both do a lot of food education through their farms.