Mexican Breakfast

On my last morning in New York I had all these plans to see another museum, go up to Zabar’s and hunt for bagels on the Upper West Side. In the end I did none of those things, preferring to simply wander around the village and then the Lower East Side. It was lovely and because I was out early, fairly quiet. My first port of call was breakfast and I stumbled upon a small cafe in the West Village which I thought was called Cafe Chelsea but upon reviewing my receipts I find is called Cafe Consola so I’m not really sure anymore. I was walking past and a customer eating on the street had some fairly good looking breakfast so I decided to go in.

The iced coffee was excellent. It was too hot that week to drink coffee in any form other than iced. I ordered the Huevos con Chorizo which was scrambled eggs with chorizo, onion and tomato. It was served with a corn tortilla and a side of black beans. The black beans reminded me of samp and beans I used to have as a child. It was that kind of fortifying breakfast that gets you up and about and the kind of cafe I wish I had at the end of my street so I could go there every Sunday. (Note to self: find such a cafe.)