Friday Market, near Bergerac, France

I was in France again recently, just for a few days, hanging out at a lovely house near Le Temple sur Lot. On the Friday we went to this market in a town who’s name I now cannot recall. It was a typical small town market, the kind where you can buy anything and everything, from jeans to table cloths to bread to live chickens. We wandered around just looking, often with wide eyes, at all the different things on offer. The colours in the market are just spectacular and half the reason to go. I was particularly interested in all the different meats and fish on sale. There was more selection than you’d find in the average supermarket that’s for sure. The window boxes all over town were pretty lovely too.

Tomatoes of every shape
Local carrots
Wild boar salami. There was also horse.
The local church
Anchovies and sardines
There was a lot of pre-prepared food, like these mussels
On guard!
Flower seller
Look at the choice of plums
Stacks and stacks of peaches
Flour at the bakery
The town hall
Quails, bought cooked at the market, for lunch