Adventures in London with the Princess

Yesterday, on a whim of fancy, I went to London to visit the Princess. The Princess would like a new series of posts on our adventures together to be featured here so I thought I’d indulge her fancy and tell you about it. I couldn’t face any more days of partial work so I took the most extreme option available and just left everything. What is lovely about the Princess being in London is that it reminds me of how much I love it there. Sometimes London can get a little overwhelming and you become resistant to it’s charms. It becomes just another place where you need to get stuff done. What’s great about going about the city with someone who is unfamiliar with it, is that they remind you of just how great a city London is.

Yesterday we met in St Pancras, where my train arrives, and hopped on the circle line to Notting Hill Gate. From there we wandered, with what felt like the entire tourist population of London, down Portobello Road. I love all the antiques there as well as the food market at the other end. We went into Books for Cooks (yes, I bought something) and had brunch at Gail’s Bread.

We bought cupcakes from the Hummingbird Bakery. Afterwards we lay down for a long while in Kensington Gardens and people watched and read. It was a beautiful day yesterday so there were many people in the park – having picnics, suntanning, roller blading. It was bliss. Once we’d had our share of the park we wandered down Gloucester Road in search of Slightly Foxed, a bookshop (where I spent another small fortune). On our way back up we passed someone who may or may not have been Chris Hemsworth. After much consultation, we’re still not sure. Can you imagine if it was?! We ended our day by going to see Lawless and had another bizarre experience in that we walked into the theatre as the 2pm show was finishing. No one stopped us en route so we ended up a) being very confused and b) seeing the end of the film first. As days in London go, this one wasn’t bad.

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