Mudchute Farm, London

Yesterday I ventured down to London for the day. I wanted to see the Princess and hang out in the city and recover from what was a pretty hideous week. We decided to go out to Mudchute Farm which is only about 10 minutes from her house, right near Canary Wharf. She wanted to see what it was like in case she wanted to volunteer there and I just felt like hanging at a city farm. They’re awesome places and there are loads around. I love farms but I particularly love farms that are teaching kids about food growing and rearing animals. I think they have an important place within the education system, particularly for children who don’t necessarily have access to outdoor spaces.

View across the farm

Mudchute has a fabulous collection of animals – ducks, turkeys, chickens, rabbits, sheep, horses, donkeys and goats. They have two different sets of allotment space and there is also open field where you can wander around and gaze at the buildings at Canary Wharf. And they serve lunch. Need more in an outing?

Food growing for school groups

I just love this guy

One of the allotment groups
The other set of allotments