Annie’s Burger Shack

Annie’s is this incredibly awesome burger place, located in The Navigation pub on the canals in Nottingham. The pub itself is kind of random, with a weathered charm but people go for the burgers.


I’ve waited an hour and a bit for one before, something I would never contemplate anywhere else but they are just that good. They make the patties themselves, the buns are lightly toasted and there are enough flavour combinations to keep you going for weeks – a page and a half of choices. I wrote the other day about how I am a bacon cheeseburger girl but Annie’s is slowly converting me to other combinations. So far I’ve tried the bacon/cheeseburger, the bacon/blue cheeseburger; the ‘sloppy Joe’ which is a burger with chilli and the ‘Boston nibbler’ which is an insane burger, size wise, but my new favourite – it combines bacon, two cheeses (Swiss and Cheddar), pineapple, two patties and onion rings. It’s completely ridiculous and thus amazing. They also make the best sweet potato fries.

Bacon Blue Cheese Boston nibbler

So, if you are in Nottingham, and at a loss for dinner, visit Annie’s. You may have to wait a while, but it’ll be so worth it.


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