Reading List (19/1)

I am busy reading, and thoroughly enjoying, The Land Where Lemons Grow. It is a fascinating account of citrus trees in Italy, weaving together history, art and food in a very readable text.

Sausage rolls! I’ve been wanting to make some for months and months. Also I do love this blog and the associated column in The Guardian.

Children going to school hungry.

The realities of school lunch in the US.

Tin Pot Creamery

I finally made this apple cake. It was a snow day on Sunday so it seemed only appropriate. I added poppyseeds to mine. It made for perfect Sunday evening dessert. And yes, I used all the icing. Possibly excessively. (Apologies for the out-of-focus shot – it was dark, we were eager to eat cake.) I brought the rest to the office today, where we have been snacking on it.


Whilst I cooked on Sunday, I listened to Lena Dunham’s Women of the Hour podcast. I almost managed all the episodes in one shot. They’re engaging, funny, sometimes poignant and she talks to the most interesting people, including Zadie Smith (whose voice I just love and whose strategy for writing – discussed in the ‘work’ episode – is just fascinating).

The Tree Farm – a fascinating long read on forestry plantations in Scotland, the way landscapes change and move as a result. ‘These untrustworthy woods shapeshift, arriving and departing without ceremony. The landscape forms and reforms according to the whims of the plantation planners.’

Michael Pollan on Netflix. Yay for another cooking show to binge watch.

Working at McDonalds.

The world’s most famous butcher.

Marmalade. I still haven’t made any yet and then had a meltdown last night after burning the peels – apparently my predicted timings were way off (thank goodness for boys who understand how to get burnt black peelings off the bottom of a jam pan) – but if there are any Seville’s kicking about this weekend, I will be trying to make some again. Or maybe I’ll make the grapefruit marmalade? Either way I’ll be paying far more attention this time.