Reading List (2/2)

I listened to Amanda Palmer and Maria Popova talk about the creative life over on Tim Ferriss’ podcast last week. This then culminated in a ‘podcast binge’ that is on-going, and I am currently listening to Alain de Botton, whose How Proust Can Change Your Life is a favourite book. He talks about starting up The School of Life which seems to be asking and investigating the very questions I have started to ask on this blog.

What are the responsibilities of newspapers for reporting significant events? A short video on the holocaust and the New York Times.

How do you teach children to eat well when on a budget? Do tastes and preferences formulated in childhood make a difference to your choices as an adult?

Eating, hunger and the mind. Hunger operates outside of consciousness. Who knew? A fascinating mind/body thought experiment of sorts. (Thanks Jen).

I’m not sure what it is about Deb over at Smitten Kitchen but she seems to be making all the things I want to eat for dinner. This week is no exception. Taco torte anyone?

Also this squash lasagne from Diana Henry in The Telegraph. I’m a huge fan of squash and really, who needs an excuse to eat cheese?

‘Meanwhile, in the real world, we’re all just doing our best. Any meal you don’t eat standing up, illuminated by the cruel light of an open fridge door, has to count as a success. If, between chucking your coat on the hall chair and hurling yourself into bed, you manage to spoon something into your mouth that’s both delicious and nutritious, you’re winning.’ I love food writers who are realistic about what can actually be achieved on a normal working day. And I like the sound of the lazy meatballs.

I clicked on this link for the blood orange sorbet recipe but really, the Chinese pork loin made me salivate.

Women in top kitchen positions (or lack thereof).



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