Reading List (16/2)

Nomadic chefs, popping up to cook dinner in different parts of the world. Sounds brilliant and fun.

You’ve probably seen this, but Pete Wells’ review of Per Se in New York is a pretty fantastic piece of food writing. It caused a furore on the internet in the days after its publication. The comments make for amusing reading too.

Two articles about dating or living with professional chefs and what happens in the kitchen: this one on Serious Eats and this one on The Guardian.

Butchers and traditions in France.

Poverty and obesity. Obesity is all about resources, and what you or your family can afford to eat, not your ethnicity or race.

David Lebovitz made chocolate babka using brownie/cookie crumbs. Now this has made me wonder whether the frozen sticky toffee pudding in my freezer might work in a sticky toffee, date, caramel glaze version…

Phoenix High School in London grows vegetables that they sell via a veg box scheme, some of which end up in restaurant kitchens. Interesting idea mentioned in the article about chef/school exchanges (research mind ticking away).

Talking to (and about) female chefs in San Francisco.

Reading in the school classroom. (One of my PhD friends has just started this blog with a colleague. If you’re interested in how reading works, how we can engage young people in reading, and why you never want to hear the ending of a book from someone else, read this!)

I love ballet. I love Degas’ drawings of dancers. So I loved this shoot in Harper’s.

Three ingredient chocolate torte that looks like heaven. Appropriately named ‘Chocolate Oblivion’.