Reading List (22/3)

I am sure you have all been watching the events of today in Brussels. I never know what to say or do on such days. The only resolution I have is to continue on, in spite of all the fear and horror and worry. So, with that in mind, here is a reading list to get you through Easter.

I was originally going to show you this S’mores Custard Cake from the Hint of Vanilla blog but then I got totally side-tracked on the pretty layer-cake that is last week’s post so two things to make/recreate now. Sorry. Save the strawberry cake for high summer perhaps?

Some philosophy this week: on success and recognition. Does your work have value if it is not recognised? How much recognition is too much? Whom should you be working for? Also, how much do I want to stay in that hotel? Possibly next ski trip? (And related to ski trips, these 80’s ski outfits, stolen from Jo.)

Sometime soon I’m going to make these vanilla custards and accompanying shortbread.

Challah and more challah. Maybe over this long weekend (I have six days off! Six!) I will make a version of challah for us to eat.

I started listening to All the light we cannot see. Has anyone read this yet?

Great British Pie Awards

I subscribed to The Misandry Hour this past week and have listened to a load of episodes in the days since. It is a super interesting feminist podcast that discusses a wide range of issues – from sexual harassment in the workplace to abortion rights.

Growing a garden in Illinois.

Eating ‘traditional’, classic Roman cuisine.

I want to make an earl grey tea version of this hot cross bun loaf this weekend.

The Alice in Wonderland Cookbook.





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