Reading List (5/4)

Hello April! Spring! More blue skies than grey! This strange thing the British officially (and affectionately) call Summer Time and which my southern hemisphere soul can never quite get used to. You just set the time at your own choosing? It is light until 8pm now? And nearly 11pm in high summer? What a strange place this is!

Are you reading all about the Panama Papers leak? I fell down a wormhole on Monday reading all about it. It mostly made me angry – all that money sequestered away! – but also slightly gleeful that something might come of it. I particularly enjoyed The Guardian’s live feed of reactions and the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists dedicated webpage to the various stories. And I loved this piece in The Atlantic (in my head I term this ‘when research is very cool’), about a sociologist who trained as a wealth manager (immersion ethnography) in order to meet and interview actual wealth managers.

Here is the rest of the reading list:

Chicken tenders have no history, they have no metatext, they have no terroir‘. God I love Helen Rosner.

On traveling in such times.

On Jacques Pepin and life changing meals. I really loved this story – how a random lunch can bring you back to life, remind you of the world and the good things in it. I enjoyed reading some of the details of Pepin’s career and life. And was reminded of the importance of telling people about the impact they have in your life, however small.

Markets inside schools. You find children going to school hungry in unexpected places, and this is one idea that can help resolve this issue.

Dieting, not dieting, eating sugar, eating fat…

On being black in a professional kitchen.

What happens in the brain of someone who has an eating disorder and the fascinating programmes designed to help aid recovery.

Literature’s memorable meals, photographed.

Bourdieu‘s graph of food spaces, delineating food choices using culture and economic capital, updated for modern times. Where do you fall on the graph?

The peculiar eating habits of (white male) geniuses. If anyone has any ideas for clever women’s eating habits (or pretty much any clever person not white or male), feel free to share.

These striking photographs of the sky.

Are you watching the Bake-Off Creme de la Creme? Please say yes. Let’s talk about the rulers. And the judgy judges. And the apple crumble sculptures in episode one!

I started reading The Spice Box Letters. So far, so good. It strikes me as a good summer read – easy, engaging story, potential for romance…

Making your own butter. Genius.