Reading List (24/5)

In case you feel like you’re not doing enough, this. A reminder that things sometimes take time.

Should health advice be regulated? And an interesting article on ‘The Hemsley effect‘.

Feeding children breakfast at school.

Brainpickings (aka Maria Popova) delivered a commencement address at UPenn this past month and fortunately (for those of us who weren’t in the audience), she has published it on her site. I love this paragraph in particular:  ‘Strive to be uncynical, to be a hope-giving force, to be a steward of substance. Choose to lift people up, not to lower them down — because it is a choice, always, and because in doing so you lift yourself up.’

There is a new issue of Cherry Bombe magazine out. I’m saving it up for when we travel to Spain next month. But I’ve been listening to the Cherry Bombe podcast slightly obsessively all weekend. Favourites so far include Alice Waters and Fanny Singer talking about their book My Pantry; Agatha Kulaga and Erin Patinkin, the owners of Ovenly, talking about their bakery, their book, and their sustainable business practices; and most recently, talking to Ana Roš (one of the new chefs on Chef’s Table) about women in professional kitchens. Talking about making kitchen life and motherhood work because she had to do both, she said ‘we should listen to ourselves. If a chef is not happy then sooner or later you start feeling their unhappiness in their creations’.

 Chefs on the future of food. And have you heard there is a second season of Chef’s Table coming out? I’m a little excited (May 27th plans sorted). Burnt Toast, the Food52 podcast, talked to director David Gelb last week about the new profiles.

This feast. Supper club inspiration if there ever was one.

A trip to Antarctica.

Kitchens and politics.

For Emily – a South African braai explained (by the New York Times). When my Mom came to visit in December, she bought Andrés The Democratic Republic of Braai, to inculcate him into family traditions.