Reading List (14/6)

I am always at a loss of what to write when tragedy befalls. What happened in Orlando at the weekend was truly awful and horrific. And I am sad. Sad that we live in a world where hatred and intolerance are still so common, where people are divided by what makes them different, rather than united around this difference. God!, the world would be so boring if we were all the same. This post by Sarah Kieffer captures a lot of what I’ve been thinking recently.

Here is this week’s reading list. Tomorrow we fly to Spain for a wedding, which I am glad and excited and nervous about. It is my first Spanish wedding and my current fluency is still stuck on basic greetings. But here’s to hoping for sunshine and beaches and wine and jamón and friends and family.


This cookbook review made me want to buy the book: The Starving Artist Cookbook. I am fascinated by how people come to learn how to cook, and this is a great example of how this happens, at least I think it is, judging from what I have read online (I haven’t procured a copy of the book just yet.) If you need persuading, check out the blog from whence it all began. Also, a cookbook with illustrations. Le sigh.

These thoughts on what ‘home’ means. And this essay on immigration, new homes and longings for foods.

This is such a fantastic essay (or sorts) about cooking and grief.

It has been 10 years since the publication of Michael Pollan’s The Omnivore’s Dilemma. How much has changed in those 10 years? An interview with the author.

Some thoughts on creating the perfect cup of coffee.

The secret to better brownies, whip the eggs and sugar. Or, cover them with salted caramel

Food photographer of the year.

Cherry season is upon us!

I was desperate for a book to read on the train on Saturday, coming back from London. (I finished my book on the way down.) Hatchards was already closed so I was forced to choose from the limited selection in WH Smith. On a whim, I took the new Kate Morton (because I have loved all her other books), even though it felt indulgent. (I really must get shrinked into post-PhD acceptance of reading for pleasure.) I have gobbled up, devoured, consumed The Lake House as if it might disappear and I might not know what happens. I intend to finish it in Spain this week. And in case I do, I’ve bought Like Water for Chocolate on my Kindle.

This video on making mozzarella (via Smitten Kitchen).

If all those bars and diners in movies and tv shows were real.

Understanding the food industry behind wisdom on what to eat.

This made me laugh. I have strong feelings around tomato sauce (ketchup) brands. (And judging by the conversation Jen and Ali and I had around it, I am not the only one.)

Lastly, this series of photographs of food against Pantone colours is just great.