Reading List (28/6)

If you’re pissed off, you have every right to be. The previously unimagined world of a UK no longer in Europe. Also this.

I’m not sure if these are the best ever recipes but I do love them all.

The next domestic goddesses? This is essentially a cookbook review post, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading it. I like that the author of this piece was concerned about the fluidity of ‘clean’ foods in Paltrow’s book, and how confusing it is when sometimes foods are ‘unclean’ and then other times they are okay. Also, the acknowledgement that there is no inspiration when there is no fun in cooking! This line: If It’s All Easy was reduced to a bite, it would be an austere, pristine vegetable anointed with a precise amount of vinaigrette. Cravings would be a dripping, oozing, deep-fried piece of meat dipped in spicy mayo.

Also on Eater this week: food heists!

I bought Andrés Never Trust a Skinny Italian Chef for Christmas (after we watched the profile on Chef’s Table) and now Osteria Francescana has been named best restaurant in the world.

Working or interning on farms?

A female chef on the Queen’s honours list.

A new film on our relationship with wheat. Read an interview with Joel Salatin about the grain.

On the Serious Eats podcast this week: Russ & Daughters.

The moral dimensions of dieting.

Food and love.