Reading List (5/7)

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I am channeling my inner zen master this week, amid all the turmoil and uncertainty here. I am also channeling the sun. And can someone please explain how it is now July? Because I really don’t understand where 2016 has gone/is going.

This is a fascinating read on whiteness, the referendum and what needs to happen next.

And if you’re exhausted by all the reading required to understand life in Britain post the Brexit referendum, read this. If nothing else, it’ll probably make you laugh.

Did you compulsively listen to the first season of Serial? Because this is an interesting development!

What might happen to our farmers and farm policies once the UK leaves the EU? What will happen to our food when the UK leaves the EU?

Ever get overwhelmed with all the art in museums? (I get museum fatigue in about 45 minutes.) I love the sound of art tours – people guiding you though the space, providing loads of information and pointing out things you otherwise might have missed. And  this one that is all about art and food sounds superbly fantastical. Next time I am in New York…

This is an old (from 2015) but fascinating read about what book thieves can tell us about culture.

On traveling alone.

Snozzcumber salad. Anyone else a fan of Roald Dahl’s books? I love The BFG and am excited to see the movie this summer.

On saying thank you.

This is super old (2010!) but I quite like this idea of a ‘dinner diary‘ – one where you simply record what you made for dinner. I may start one. Heavens knows how long the enthusiasm will last though.

Figs and wasps.

Alain de Botton on love and why we all marry the wrong people.

If you made flag cake yesterday for the 4th, do you know the history behind it?

This week’s Rocket & Squash Supplemental is an enjoyable read. If you missed the food sections of the weekend papers it is the best place for a catch up.

Bee Wilson on radishes (found via the Rocket & Squash link above).