Reading List (19/7)

The results of the quest for ‘perfect’ fruits and vegetables. And not teaching children to cook could result in more food waste.

This man has spent his lifetime building a cathedral.

How to eat more healthily (through brain subterfuge).

Cheesecake doughnuts with salted caramel anyone?

More on Brexit and food.

This article makes me want to go to Patagonia immediately. I mean, I know we’re going home in 39 days but the restlessness (like a penguin) is whelming at the moment…

Food inventions in Roald Dahl’s books.

A list of books with suggestions for related tv series and movies.

Are we too concerned with being ‘the best’ cooks? (Found via Smitten Kitchen)

Family food choices and food preferences of childhood may not really influence what we eat later in life.

A fascinating longer read on the moralising of food choices, the way different cultures understand food differently (not everyone labels foods good/bad, clean/dirty) and the importance of balance.

I really need to plan a trip to NYC.

An extract from Marcella Hazan’s posthumously published new book: Ingredienti.

On food and grief.

Taking houseplants and gardening indoors to a whole new level.

If this weather (whoop whoop) makes you want to grill everything and eat only outside, here are some ideas. I want to make this salad. And if you’re too hot to fuss, these recipes should help a little.

Cookies for ice cream sandwiches.