The Everyday (Weekend) Table: Oven Ribs with all the sides

IMG_7521 (1)

This is dinner for when you have slightly more time on your hands and a few hours to spend at home (to monitor rib progress in the oven). I had a craving for ribs yesterday so I turned to Smitten Kitchen for advice – I’m not really sure why except I get the impression Deb knows how to throw together good summer dinners. Her post for ‘oven ribs-even better‘ has all the things you need to make a glorious dinner – a recipe for oven ribs and links to broccoli slaw (I used some quick pickled onions in mine that made it superb although Andrés confessed to really not liking raw broccoli); avo-cucumber salad (with jalapeños and coriander on the side for me); and cornbread, baked during the last half hour of the ribs time in the oven. The ribs were precisely what I wanted to eat and by some miracle of chance, tasted exactly how I wanted them to taste. How have I never made these before myself? I am a converted woman.


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