The Everyday Table: Hummus, Shakshuka and Pita

2016-08-13 20.11.52

Dinner inspiration this weekend came from two sources. First from Molly Yeh and her post on humshuka (hummus and shakshuka). I served my shakshuka and hummus separately as I fancied a multi-flavour, pick and choose sort of vibe. Then, I made broad bean puree from Diana Henry’s A Change of Appetite which I bought because a) I love her writing and b) I was looking to expand (!!!) the cookbook collection to some more everyday cooking-type books. We are currently very heavily weighted in favour of baking and dessert books, which is awesome but not practical for everyday dinner inspo. (My mom messaged me last week to say she had unpacked 13 chocolate recipe books. A cookbook store is in my destiny I tell you.) I even made the pita breads from scratch (it was Saturday after all). I served it with some feta (sprinkled with za’atar), a fresh tomato salad (tomatoes, Greek basil, olive oil, salt and pepper) and olives.

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