Reading List (23/8)

The story of Staplehouse may make you cry.

Life advice, on art and being an artist.

Photographs of abandoned houses in the Outer Hebrides. (Desperately need to plan a trip to Scotland soon.)

Learning self-control in school.

What should chefs be doing about hunger?

These are really beautiful photographs of food scenes inspired by literature.

A ‘fantastical look at everyday life‘.

Some words from Rachel, who I haven’t linked to in a while.

New Eater Upsell podcast episodes! I thoroughly enjoyed this week’s conversation with Andrew Zimmern. And a funny conversation on The Sporkful about waiting in line for pizza.

Now I have a craving for coffee cake. With cardamon.

My friend Paula linked to this video on her Facebook page yesterday. Such a wonderful way to think about living, about trying to be present in the moment, and remembering to dance to the music. And whilst we’re on the question of how to live well, the Harvard Grant Study reveals some interesting things about relationships, community and longevity.

Chefs talking about the meal that inspired them to cook professionally.