Reading List (27/9)

Why do we eat chilis?

Drink your red wine slightly chilled.

Are you taking part in Dorie Greenspan’s #cookiesandkindness project? I am! I made cookies her World Peace cookies over the weekend and brought them to work yesterday because yesterday was the first day of Welcome Week and cookies were NEEDED.) You can listen to the Serious Eats/Special Sauce interview with Dorie here. It is wonderful. She is my new cookbook author crush.


A supermarket selling surplus food on a pay-as-you-feel basis.

Shakespeare and Company! I bought this new book on the shop in a moment of whimsy last week. Also, inspiration to open our cookbook shop if there ever was. If only we could find somewhere to live for a while.

For Mom: to eat, or not to eat?

I’ve been listening to this on repeat all day.

A farmer writes frankly about the realities of small farming in the US.

We don’t often get political on this blog, but this video. Watch it!

Cooking in Julia Child’s French kitchen.

Battles over school lunchtimes and what you should and should not eat (and who should decide).

Should you start a food blog?

I want to make these on the weekend. And this cake.

Autumn makes me want to make this pasta dish: butternut and sage with spicy sausage. Also this lemon pasta from Molly at Orangette.

Mother sauces of Spain.

On being connected to the land and culinary traditions.

On compassion, for the self.

Understanding the pumpkin spice phenomenon.

Did you read Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children? I loved the book  – I particularly loved the use of photographs throughout the novel – and now the movie is about to be released!