Reading List (3/1)

Welcome 2017! Hope you had a good new year celebration and are back into the swing of work things. I’m still recovering from illness. Gah. But I am at my desk… Here is the year’s first list.

Food horoscopes for 2017. Predicting food trends for 2017. Best ingredients for 2017.

Really interesting video talk on how we plan for our future selves, and often fail to imagine how much we will have changed when we become them.

Ridiculously funny conversation about the different accents of British cows.

They are talking about fracking Sherwood Forest. Honestly.

A fascinating article on sugar.

A round-up from Lucky Peach on the best things read and eaten in 2016.

A collection of articles on wellness.

Should we be adjusting the way we grow food because of potential water shortages?

Did you do any reading over the break? I don’t really have any memory of last week, being that I was mostly asleep. When I was not, I was reading. I couldn’t stop reading In the Woods. Thoroughly recommend it if you love a detective story – it is one of those that gets under the skin and stays with you long after. I also read The Innocents which was a fascinating look at families, what makes them, how they keep themselves together, how communities are formed. Yesterday I finished The Improbability of Love. This last one has been a particular favourite, recommended by friends on a whatsapp bookclub and one I devoured in a few days. Art, food, love, mystery. All my favourite holiday themes. (And here is a story on art forgery.) Next up is Eligible, The World According to Anna, and When in French.

Oh my, this Instagram account.

Have a good week! x

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