Reading List (2/5)

Hope you had a good May day!

The arrival of spring (we keep hoping for slightly warmer weather) means peas! And I love this description of eating them straight from the pod in a mad gust. Plus the recipe looks delightful.

Discovering a Ghanaian heritage through food and cooking.

I love this series from Olia Hercules on starting to grow on an allotment. Plus a list of books to read for advice and/or inspiration.

Ideas of how a shorter working week would be beneficial.

Saving your local library. (Ideas from Teen Vogue nogal).

Too many cookbooks.

Swimming in Scotland.

Bring on ice-cream season. Thanks.

‘Baking is handwork, and for me, all that is joyful, comforting, gratifying and even magical about this work is packed into the simple act of making biscuits. I practice a kind of meditation while I make them’. I love love love Dorie Greenspan, and I love this little essay. I find this is true for me too – baking is a form of meditation. For non-American readers, biscuits here refer to those baked goods very akin to scones. (We even had a debate about biscuits and scones whilst on holiday on Skye recently. These are the kinds of conversations that are had when you have inter-continental friendships.) My Ngonu’s recipe is still my favourite. After asking for it about once every few months, my mother finally sent me an email copy of the recipe, so I can access it wherever I am…

A quiche recipe from Violet Cakes. I love quiche. I should make it more often.

A recipe for preserved lemons.

A reading list from Orangette. I’ve already bookmarked most of these.

This past week, I visited the Science Museum for one of the ‘lates’.  It seems to me basically an opportunity to fully geek out, wander freely around the museum, and do all the sorts of cool things children get to do normally. Plus there is alcohol. (There is something infinitely pleasing walking around a museum while drinking. It feels like you’re breaking the rules. Even though you totally are not.) The theme was food and drink so we decorated cookies, made sugar mice, played innuendo bingo and an aphrodisiac board game, and got to dance our hearts out underneath the rockets as part of a silent disco. Thoroughly recommend if you’re in London – last Wednesday of every month.

Science museum

Have a good week folks! I’m in London briefly, and then on a writing retreat.