Reading List (16/5)

Ice cream

A multi-course menu based on food trends over the last 140 years. Please can we do this for a supper club sometime?

This video of animals visiting a bucket of water.

A mother lamenting dinner times.

Realities of food industry work.

Diversity in restaurants. Why do we not see and hear more voices from women and people of colour when it comes to fine-dining and haute cuisine. An article to make you think. And reassess your ideas.

Food and politics in France.

Food52 needs your dessert recipe help!

These buttermilk pancakes. For the weekend, maybe.

Filo pastry ideas, courtesy of Ottolenghi.

The Joy of Cooking.

Guidelines to a braai. Now I am a little homesick.

Food and politics in Australia.

On excess in the food world.

A manifesto for this year, and every year, when things are hard.