Reading List (13/6)

I am on route to Cornwall today, for work purposes. I am going to be there for a whole week, visiting two different schools. Hopefully it will be sunny!

How cooking can help with healing.

Can a marriage survive if you have strong and differing views on food?

The complexities of social media, and who owns a recipe.

Noel Fielding is one of the new Bake-Off hosts. (This for you, Jo B).

These images of tears are just extraordinary.

A mesmerising video of flowers.

Retreats for writing.

A shop made entirely from felt! This is SOOOOO COOOOLLLLL! (Thanks Princess for sending it my way.)

On becoming a feminist.

A parent questions Tesco’s food education programme.

Finding time to write. And related, how we can learn about taking better notes.

‘The Trump 10‘.

You are not the work you do‘.

Have a good week! x