Reading List (8/8)

I am deep into book writing at the moment so I am not doing a lot of reading except that required for my own work. That said, I did do some reading over the weekend. And yes, I realise it is Thursday but I was finishing a draft on Tuesday that took until well into the early hours of Wednesday morning so that is why!

On a side note, I finally made it to Tough Mary’s Bakehouse and bought all of the croissant-based pastries. Their almond croissant! My god. I will be back for more on Saturday I think.

Judith Jones passed away last week, at the age of 93. I love her book on cooking for one. I refer to it whenever I need to make something small, or need to be reminded of why I should cook for myself. Her memoir, The Tenth Muse: My Life in Food, is also fantastic.

Growing food in NYC.

Loving someone and learning about their food culture and traditions. This is something I experience daily, learning things from the Spaniard that I never knew, or thought to try, or consider important. He regularly challenges my palate with strange foodstuffs and our grocery cupboard has a tuna supply to outlast an apocalypse, because tuna forms such an important part of his food/culture identity.

Related to that, I started reading (again, having begun the book ages ago) When in French: Love in a Second Language. This is the story of Lauren (the author) falling in love with a Frenchman, and then moving to Geneva and having to cope with French as the language of daily life. I relate so much to this, even though we currently live in England (and I therefore do not have to navigate my daily life in a language not my own), much of my life is spent trying to understand Spanish. Not only the actual language (which I have been totally useless at learning this year) but the culture and traditions that come with the language.

I love this blog. There hasn’t been a post for ages but I am so happy when one appears in my inbox!

A glorious looking place to swim.

This just looks like the most magical book ever.

And some sobering news: the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest it has ever been.

I haven’t made any galettes yet this summer (hah! what summer?) because I haven’t been mobile enough. But now, as I return to a normal-ish day, I am starting to return to the kitchen. Last night I managed to make pizza. So galettes seem not far off! This savoury one with sweetcorn and tomatoes looks mouthwatering. And I do love a summer fruit galette.

A peanut butter and jam sandwich as a way to fit in.

Have a good week! x