Reading List (24/10)

It is half term this week across many of my schools so I am spending my time working from home. It is lovely, particularly given the grey descent into November that is occurring outside as I write. It is so dark when I get up now, and the past two days the cloud has hung heavy outside my window.

Cake craving. Millionaires shortbread craving.

Dinner idea.

It is October which means pumpkin spice season is upon us.

I am not sure why but two carrot cakes caught my eye this week. It might be that the warming spices are appealing at this time of year? I am not even the biggest carrot cake fan but there you go. The first is from Serious Eats. I love the sound of the wholemeal flour and the brown butter! The second is from Food52 and has you blend the carrots smooth, resulting in a dense bundt-cake that looks amazing.

Photographs of tiny animals. Oh em gee.

A new exhibition at Stonehenge shows you what people brought to eat there. Researchers think some of this may have been as part of midwinter solstice celebrations. How fascinating! I shall have to plan a trip to see this.

A review of The Book of Dust. Philip Pullman answers reader questions. I am patiently awaiting payday to purchase my copy!

100 Must-Read books, according to the people at the Do Lectures. I’ve got one of these but many are on my list of things to read…

Apple day celebrations.

A guide for winter swimming.

A new book of photographs of Paul and Julia Child.

A review of the soon-to-be-published Modernist Bread.

On first sentences.