Reading List (9/1)


Thoughts about things to let go of in the new year.

Controversial employment practices at Wagamama over the festive period.

A photograph creates images of bird movements in the sky.

Foodie things to do in January.

Friendship bread.

A fascinating read on Anthony Bourdain and his particular brand of food travel.

I fully identity with this: “I, for one, invariably feel overwhelmed by huge projects I’ve yet to start, the pressure to achieve goals within a neat 12-month timeframe, the anxiety and panic around what might happen to the world in the year ahead”. If you’re suffering from a case of January blues, read this advice on surviving the month.

Thinking of writing as self-care.

An online Baking Club. I think I may dabble in this.

This is an old but useful list for new year decluttering, streamlining, organising etc…

Iceland has made it illegal for men to be paid more than woman.

Baking in winter.

“Sometimes, I believe the only reason we maintained a relationship with her was to get a tin of her fruitcake”. I love this essay on food, heritage, identity and fruitcake.

A list of must read stories for food bloggers and writers.

Team, you can go and run a bookshop in Scotland for a few weeks, for a holiday…

A pilot to make school cafeterias in Boston more like casual-fast food places. This means they serve better, fresher food.

I’ve been listening to How to Stop Time by Matt Haig. I absolutely love it. It is wonderful, part magic, jumping around in narrative time and place. I loved this line: “as if a part of us is contained in every book we’ve ever loved“. What a wonderful idea.

Have a good week! x