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Welcome May! Happy Beltane. I am not quite sure where this year has gone but gone it has! We have been greeted with a spectacular morning here. Outside my window all is bright green against a blue sky. Later I am heading off to the allotment to celebrate Beltane and commune with my plants.

A list of cookbook shops.

“It is not a question of recovery, but a question of stability”. Some reflections on the offer from the academy to PhD students.

Advice on starting creative projects.

Ideas for where to go in Stockholm.

City swimming.

Who doesn’t love blondies? I may have to make some to take on our walks this weekend. This chocolate cardamom cake looks delicious, as does this grapefruit crumb cake.

Last week I attended the City Food Symposium. It was a day of talks on the importance of lived experiences in policymaking and I came away with much to think about. Here is one example of how organisations are working with local communities to develop better food solutions.

Children are naturally positive beings.

Food is intractably non-virtual“… A writer takes issue with all the ’emotional volume’ in recipe writing that makes it into your inbox via newsletters. Just give her the recipes already.

Restaurant chains are taking over.

Another divine looking roast chicken recipe.

Refugees in a community in Syracuse.

This is a totally fascinating study examining how your rice- or wheat-growing ancestors influence your behaviour today.

I can easily pack away about forty varenyky in a single sitting. When I eat them, I feel like a euphoric child“. Olia Hercules on dumplings.

Innovative approaches by The Test Kitchen in Cape Town in order to cope with water restrictions.

The awe of nature.

Jamie Oliver’s continued campaign against childhood obesity. And a response detailing that obesity is a complex disease. Changing only diet won’t necessarily solve the problem.

Beautiful walled gardens that are sustainable and support a singular citrus tree in their centre.

Have a good week! x