Reading List (8/5)

Some advice on getting paid for your work, if you are working freelance.

Asparagus season is here! Ottolenghi has some ideas of what you can make with it.

I have harvested so much chard from the garden that I am now obsessed with trying out this recipe for ossetian pie.

Reading for fun as a form of self-care.

A guide to the Hebrides. Le sigh. Trip soon anyone? Plus St. Kilda.

“A girl and a chickpea recipe in every port…” Rachel Roddy’s recipe for chickpea pancakes.

Food in movies.

Diana Henry’s new book: How to Eat a Peach.

Inequality between generations and within generations in Australia.

I have long thought that the PhD is not so much about intelligence as it is about grit. It seems I am not alone in this view.

Philosophy moves beyond the armchair.

The issue of time and short cuts in recipes.

The beauty of a British gardening programme.

An incredible video of surfing a big wave.

I’ve been looking for a vegan ice-cream recipe to try and this one sounds delicious.

A recipe for alfajores.

Lunar hay fever!

Local flour is not as easy to come by as local bread.

Have a good week! x