Reading List (15/5)

“In the reality of feeding a struggling family, the food pyramid is irrelevant. Keeping us fed was a source of pride, junk food was a source of joy, and so our diets endured”. If you read nothing else this week, read this essay.

On cultural appropriation.

Delicious looking courgette and apricot salad. Aubergine larb with sticky rice.

Links between food preferences and identity.

A story of higher education in Australia.

Carrot cake.

Knitting is good for your health.

A review of a new book on Rachel Carson, Jane Jacobs, Jane Goodall, and Alice Waters.

Dorie Greenspan on birthday cake.

Swimming and suffrage.


“The extended phase of failure defined by not getting an academic job was the most demoralizing thing I’ve ever experienced”. An American perspective on leaving academia. 

Sometimes I find books in random places – this week I read Sea Change, a book I bought at the Hathersage Lido last weekend for one pound. It was one of those novels I had to keep reading to know what happened. It is set on an island off the coast of Georgia in the US. It is a story about family, place and belonging, and mystery. I totally loved it, and would recommend it if you are in need of a summer read!

Have a good week! x