Reading List (22/5)

If you are not entirely sick of royal wedding shenanigans, here are the cake details

and a history of royal wedding cakes.

If you haven’t already signed up for the ‘women cook for me‘ newsletter, I suggest you do. It’s a fortnightly letter that comes to your inbox, full of stories of women and food. It is delightful.

Where to find the best buns in London.

I want to make this for dinner. It looks totally delicious.

Really fabulous-sounding book on Irish food history.

Interesting essay on whether home cooking is really worth it.

Tips for summer growing.

I just love these stories of grandmothers and their foods.

The importance of recognising the role environment plays when thinking about ideas to help people eat better.

I am a queen of procrastibaking.

Doctors clinics in California linking patients to NGOs delivering nutritious foods.

Turning car parking spaces into outdoor gardens!

Food deserts, food apartheid.

Have a good week! x