Reading List (5/6)

Sometimes the interweb is a wonderful place.

Further harrowing stories of sexual harassment in the food industry.

A knitting club in a school, started to alter perceptions of knitting and crafting, also helps with wellbeing.

Fancy loaf cakes!

You are not ‘well-read’ if you do not read women“. Here here. Also, really?

The New York Times summer reading list. Books for summer trips.

Food is a way of knowing what people value and why… Musings on cake.

Artisan bread comes to Madrid. Yay! Long-term plan to move to the south of Spain can be extended to include bringing good bread baking skills…

On raising children speaking multiple languages.

Food, schools, and community.

Wonderful interview with Carla Tomasi.

Women artists on display this summer.

Have a good week! x