Reading List (26/6)

A truly wonderful interview with Lore Segal.

An interview with Dan Barber.

I need to visit Todmorden (and Hebden Bridge) this summer.

Tomato inspiration. I want to eat all of these recipes.

Although midsummer has passed, inspiring ways to celebrate the warmer months.

Using shared dinners to talk about differences of opinion.


For word nerds: illustrated homophones.

Loved this article on fixed versus growth mindsets, and how they affect our lives.

Reasons to be vegan. A restaurant in London is moving towards full vegan in the next 2 years…

Redefining success in high-achieving US high schools.

Fabulous photographs of swimming pools through time.

Totally great convo on running when you’re down in the dumps and feeling uncomfortable in your body.

Tarte tatin. (Trying to keep the French dream alive.)

Molly Yeh’s rice pudding.

Have a good week! x