Reading List (18/9)

Chocolate chocolate chocolate

Jay Rayner on food cliches.

Food in jars… Jars of äpplemos.

Galettes for the win!

Elizabeth Gilbert on the differences between hobbies, jobs, careers, vocations…

I loved this review of Motherhood by Shiela Heti.

It’s the 150th anniversary of the publication of Little Women.

The weather this year has resulted in a potentially excellent Champagne crop.

Women and maize.

Matilda is 30, and so Quentin Blake has imagined what she would be doing now.

On returning home, to a book fair.

A brave post on taking a break from a PhD, to take care of health concerns. And one on turning down a teaching post because it was unfeasible and logistically mad.

A guide on ‘how to do’ Johannesburg. (Thanks Erica!)

Summer musings.

The new season of Chef’s Table is finally looking outside the ‘old white guys’ model. Finally.

Helping bees.

A really interesting article about yoga and it’s possible use in medicine. (Thanks Jen!)

Ideas for easing into autumn. Anyone else feel exhausted from the summer?