Reading List (2/10)

Hello October! Gosh, this year is just fleeing!

First things first: seal pups!

Matilda turned 30 yesterday. Here she is standing up to Trump. Matilda is just ace.

Fat makes mice fat.

Tomato stories.

Pie for breakfast.

I want to make this braised lamb and beans.

Romy Gill on women in kitchens.

Remembering the everyday lives of women, and the ways they navigate the world.

Ideas on how to cope with the demands of early-career science.

I still love sun-dried tomatoes, even if they are so 1995.

A really good short film on community food projects, loneliness, and impacts of austerity.


Beautiful photographs of the Himalayas.

A gloriously coloured broth, to use up the last of those beautiful tomatoes.

Thinking too much? Or too little? A case for emotional honesty.

Why you should visit Umbria.

Have a good week! x