Reading List (16/10)

The importance of libraries for wellbeing.

Portfolio careers, and how to manage them.

Cookbooks as catalysts for change.

The rise and fall of pie shops in London.

Nigella’s How to Eat is 20 this year.

On dying.

All writing is selecting’. Nora Ephron talking about feminism and journalism.

On cooking for yourself.

Loved this meditation on cheesecakes. The importance of simple cake.

The life changing experience of Girl Scouts.

Fried cheese and pears, exactly what I want to eat in this weather.

A history of a chocolate company.

Loved this essay on the micro-world of trees.

Loved this tale of the Paris food market.

Pursuing hobbies for the mere pleasure of them, not for excellence.

I feel therefore I can be free‘… This essay by Audre Lorde. Wow.