Reading List (7/11)

I meant to post this yesterday but life hey? So here’s a Wednesday list instead.

Absolutely loved this review of Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat TV series, mostly because it is so true.

Loved this review of How to be a Good Creature. I very much want to read Maria’s book too!

Also love this new studio space of Anna Jones. The workshops look fab too.

Reasons to visit The Garden Museum.

Made this Parkin on the weekend, in celebration of bonfire night.

Profile of Richard Corrigan.

Last week I caught up on a series of Honey and Co., food talks while I was driving around the country. I listened to the wonderful Anja Dunk, whose new book on German cooking I must procure; Samin Nosrat (she just sounds like we would be friends); Sybil Kapoor, food writer extraordinaire; and Fabrizia Lanza, whose cooking school I visited over the summer. Totally inspiring women, all doing their own thing.

The language of taste.

The evolution of shamanism.

I wrote a review for the Outdoor Swimming Society on Wild Woman Swimming! And read Jessica Hepburn’s thoughts on swimming and eating, and motherhood.

Bake sales and gender

A community moves a bookshop.

Sometimes you read things that just resonate with you. This did with me. More on this topic of being yourself coming soon.

Have a good week. x