April reflections

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April went by in a flash! Anyone else feel that? Maybe it was because Easter was late, and now we are looking forward to another long weekend? I am not sure. 

I’ve been suffering from writers block. I cannot think of things to write. I am also struggling to read things! I keep half starting books and then giving up before I’ve gotten anywhere with them. I’ve done a little better listening to books but recently I’ve found myself playing candy crush before I fall asleep. Hopefully this is not going to last forever, and is just a seasonal change phase or something. 

Despite all this, there are still a number of things I loved this month!

Things I loved the month

A profile of Samin Nosrat.

People with their books. As someone who has always had massive numbers of books pouring off shelves, I feel reassured.

Lessons in life and death.

The Pearl Thief by Elizabeth Wein. Totally loved this. Scottish highlands, 1930s, estate being sold, river pearls, a 16 year old protagonist. All fabulous. 

Big Little Liesby Liane Moriarty. I started to watch the HBO series on the plane but haven’t finished it yet. I have listened to the book though. Total page turner, but you probably already knew that. 

Truly Madly Guiltyby Liane Moriarty. Read this after Big Little Lies. Also a page turner although not quite as compelling. I did enjoy its weirdness though. 

Fleabag. Late to the party. I loved Season One. I am still deciding about Season Two.

Line of Duty. My god. On the edge of my seat ALL THE TIME. 

Have a good month! x