July reflections

Woosh, we’ve reached the end of July. I feel like I am still running to catch summer, to find time to rest and relax and read before September. At the moment things still feel busy, even though they are slowing down at work, and I worry this summer will pass me by and I will still be exhausted in August. I’ve been battling a summer cold thing this past week which has not helped at all.

I realise I have not been on this space much at all over the last few months. There are reasons for this, and I think I am finally ready to write about them so I will be posting these over the next few weeks.

In the meantime, here is a list, because I do love a list.

Things I’ve loved this month

‘I write in pockets of stolen time.’ Essay from Roxanne Gay (found via Hannah Bullivant).

A brilliant essay on the perfect breakfast.

Ruth Reichl writing about MFK Fisher.

‘Being ‘fine’ is related to composure’. Fascinating read on chronic illness and the need to present a composed face to the world. Taking small acts of liberation to move away from being ashamed of oneself.

Loved Jay Rayner on kitchen equipment in rentals. I now try to remember to pack my knife. And microplane.

On the success of ordinary lives.

The battle for sourdough bread. Croissants have always caused a fuss. (I mean, why wouldn’t they? They are quite delicious.)

Loved this story of one of the female engineers who worked at NASA on the Apollo programmes (and more!)

Black chefs in the US.

A guide for crisps to drink with your wine. Totally fabulous.

A week in the life of Smitten Kitchen.