September reflections: hello autumn

September arrived with such a fizz of activity that it is already October 7th and I am only posting this now. C’est la vie. I have been running around this past month. Work has been creeping up in intensity again, after the lull of August, and I have been trying to keep active. This has meant less time here and more time doing things around like Couch to 5km, sunrise paddle boarding, and challenging yoga. I am loving it. It is a reminder of the beauty of having a job that is just a job, rather than a life’s work, that I can leave at the desk. The list this month is short, because I haven’t read all that much. I hope it has been kind to you.

I loved Cadiz from my very first trip into the city and this year it made the NYT 52 places to travel in 2019. I couldn’t agree more.

A lovely glimpse into the food diary of a chef on holiday.

Fabulous story about teaching girls to surf in North East England.

List of things you can embrace in the autumn.

David Lebovitz on cows and butter and cheese in Normandy.

Rejoicing in the autumn dawn light.

An interview with Philip Pullman. Have you got The Secret Commonwealth yet? I finally retrieved mine from my neighbour this morning. Expect radio silence until it is finished.

I wrote about blackberry hazelnut cake and giving up Instagram for a month. I am back on the gram now but I don’t love it as much as I did.