My very own Sourdough

Dear Readers,

Please take a moment to appreciate my little bread of heaven.

I baked it in my heart-shaped Le Creuset pot. Who knew you could do that? I certainly didn’t. And look at how magically it turned out. I may be in love. It even has a hard crust on it which I have never (never!) achieved before. Heaven I tell you. I got the tip and the base for the recipe from the book Vegetarian by Alice Hart. I am trying to eat more consciously and so I am trying to eat more vegetarian. Plus, I’m a student which means that meat is for special occasions. But I have no idea how vegetarians eat, hence the book. It’s a book that tells you how to make things like oat milk and labne. It has beautiful pictures and is very step by step. Super practical. I haven’t tried anything else yet, but based on the success of this recipe I’d say I’m well on track for more.

Now, I can’t actually share the recipe with you because I altered it and didn’t note the changes. (Like converting grams to cup measures.) I apologise. I had no idea I’d get so excited about the finished product and need to share it with you immediately. I’ve already eaten two slices. It’s a good thing I made some brownies or else I’d be eating my way through this loaf all night! Brownie recipe will also follow soon. Promise.

In the meantime, buy Alice’s book and give it to someone for Christmas. It’s lovely and then you’ll have the recipe too…