Wow, It’s 2012 Already?

It’s that time of year for taking stock and re-evaluating things. I was going to do this before the end of the year but that happened so quickly that I did not get a chance. Okay, I admit it. I was out having fun. The princess came to visit for a while and my dad was here too so I was showing them around town, jolling it up in London and then recovering in Gullane, which for those of you out of the loop is the most fantastically beautiful part of the world. (I have excellent friends who live there. Yes, life is sweet.)

Last year was pretty massive and my hopes for 2012 are that it will be slightly less dramatic.
Things I managed to do last year:
Finish my Masters
Start this blog (that should probably be number one but my MA was so tortured that I figure it can get prime spot!)
Meander around Europe for a month with fabulous people
Move countries
Start my PhD

Not bad going for one year. Some parts were horrid, others were wonderful. Years are supposed to be like that I think. Some good (travelling), some not so good (leaving behind Pixie-Jack Russell extraordinaire). This year already has some things up it’s sleeve. Mainly it’s work related – I have to write a paper and defend it in order to move forward so that’s the big plan. Other plans include more hanging out in Gullane, some weddings at home, some travelling and a whole host of baking. Oh and I want to learn Japanese so I’m throwing that into the mix too. I fully admit to being one of those people who if not completely stressed out and over-worked is bored.

So here are some of the holiday highlights. I’m planning a post on Borough Market (because no matter how touristy it gets, it’s still one of my favourite places) so those pictures aren’t here…

 Dog in the window at Fortnum and Mason
 Horror ride at Hyde Park Winter Wonderland
 Pigeon gathering in Hyde Park
 Laduree. Sigh.
 Tower Bridge seen from a window at the Tower of London
 Lego Christmas Tree at St Pancreas
 Is this not the most fabulous dog jersey ever?
 Westminster Abbey
 I want to be remembered like this! Amazing…
 View from my window up in Scotland
The beach at Gullane
Port at North Berwick