Writing and Croissants

I am sure that for some people writing comes easily. In my visions on my perfect life there is a desk, a computer and a view (and possibly some flowers) and all I need to do is sit at the desk and the writing will simply flow from my fingers. The reality is not nearly so neat. I’m busy attempting to write pages about the obesity debate for my research paper which is due in May. This process is fraught with anxiety, restlessness, life panics and general ‘what the hell am I doing’ questions. It starts with reading, which I have actually done and which, for me, is the easiest part. I read. I absorb. I make small notes. Then I file away and read some more. It’s luxurious.

The writing part is not so luxurious. I retrieve the read articles and make copious notes whilst trying to remember exactly what I am planning to say so I only take the relevant material. I usually fail well at this point, getting confused as to what I am planning to write, and then doing procrastinating things like washing and cleaning the kitchen. I have just completed this process. Now I usually get a few more articles, just in-case.

Then I sleep on it and allow my sub-conscious to organise my thoughts. On day two (or three or four) I start to put pen to paper. In the literal sense. I like my first draft to be handwritten as it makes me think about what I am writing. It also means that the typing up is an editing process. Typing up is easy. It’s the putting pen to paper organising of thoughts that is painful and distressing. Not sleeping and having life panics feature a lot at this stage. I am about to start this stage. It does not look good.

So, whilst my thoughts gather together I am looking for a distraction. What better distraction is there than baking? And what is more challenging than making a croissant? If you read this blog you will know I’ve tried to make croissants before. They sort of worked but they weren’t anything I would take out in public. I am going to attempt them again. I am armed with a gift-to-self recipe book Bourke Street Bakery and their recipe which includes a ferment which I am going to make this afternoon. First I am going to buy a scale and the necessary ingredients. Then I am going to combine and knead and rest. In between all of this I am going to collect my thoughts and think about starting to write. Tomorrow I will finish the croissants and I will put pen to paper. It’s going to happen people.