Double Chocolate Cookies

One of the blogs I read avidly is Orangette. I’m fairly sure that everyone who is interested in food reads this blog. If you haven’t, here is the link. Molly writes in an accessible, friendly way and is knowledgeable on a whole host of things. Her pictures are also wonderful and more unusual than regular food blogs. She blogged about these cookies a while ago and when I’d read the post I just knew that these cookies were in my future. She advises making the dough at least a day before you want to bake it and I now know why. When I made the mixture I was incredibly skeptical that it would actually turn into cookies. So skeptical in fact that I re-read the instructions and ingredient amounts just in case I’d left out any flour or anything. But I hadn’t, I’d made it according to instructions. I decided to take a leap of faith and after reading Molly’s advice about the dough being easier to handle after being in the fridge I decided I couldn’t loose anything by continuing as instructed. People will eat cookie dough mess right?

So I rolled the dough into 4 little logs, dolloping it onto the clingfilm with my spatula, not getting the hands involved at all. The dough had the consistency of an extremely thick cake batter and was very sticky. There wasn’t much to do except roll them carefully into logs and leave them in the fridge. (Upon re-consulting the blog I discovered that they were originally made as drop cookies which makes sense when you first see the batter.) The next morning I had slice-able logs. A miracle! I rolled the logs in granulated sugar and sliced them into rounds. I even sprinkled them with a little salt. Baking took about 10 minutes and then the cookies had to cool on a tray. The result was an intensely chocolatey, soft-in-the-centre cookie that was the perfect mid-afternoon slump fix. The salt sharpens the taste of the chocolate. You can find the recipe here. I made them as per Molly’s recipe and didn’t do anything different. I even beat the butter to white with my newly bought hand mixer. (I was rather excited about it at the time!)